Thank you for your interest in our software solutions! We strongly believe that the easiest way to get to know a new software is learning by doing, therefore we offer interactive SoFi workshops.

SoFi workshop for beginners

13.2. – 16.2.2023

Baden, Switzerland

Learn all about PMF, source apportionment techniques and SoFi during this interactive, in-person workshop. This workshop is suited for SoFi/PMF beginners.

Ideally the participants will bring their own dataset to work on. ME-2 and SoFi Pro licenses will be provided for the duration of the workshop, if needed. The workshop will start with introducing the participants to PMF and the basic SoFi features and continues with tutorials on all the more specific features (panels). The participants have the time to immediately try the newly learned on their own dataset. Furthermore, we are happy to assist with any questions regarding SoFi, PMF or a specific dataset.

Costs: 530 CHF (including workshop costs and lunch)

Registration: Register here (binding, deadline 13. November 2022)

Online SoFi tutorial

30.5. – 1.6.2022

Online tutorial for beginners about the main SoFi functions. There will be no tutorials on advanced features such as rolling PMF, multi-time or C-value approach. In the first part we will show you how to import, treat and analyze your (or the provided) data in SoFi. During this, we encourage participants to click along. The second part is dedicated to individual support and we are online for you to answer any question about SoFi.

A link with the relevant workshop material will be sent to all registered paricipants.

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”

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