SoFi Pro

SoFi Pro is the expert package that equips SoFi with user-friendly and in-depth utilities for your analysis. With SoFi Pro, you have access to all state-of-the-art source apportionment techniques. Check out the list of all features that SoFi offers.

Pricing list

The following table summarizes the costs in Swiss Franc (CHF) for a SoFi Pro license. Prices are given per PC and year and are without VAT/sales tax. VAT/sales Tax may be added to your purchase total as required by your state and local laws.

Discounts: A 25 % discount is applied for the purchase of 3 and more SoFi Pro licenses and a 50 % discount is applied for the purchase of 8 and more SoFi pro licenses. Purchasing several licenses can either be for multiple years or multiple users, any combination is possible. E.g., 2 licenses over 4 years is equal to 8 licenses.

All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

If your institute is exempt from paying VAT/sales tax on this transaction or if your institute will take care of re-emitting the VAT/sales tax, contact us for a quotation.

Not sure yet?

Get our 10 days SoFi Pro trial version and have accecss to all features for 10 days before you make a decision.

Main features of SoFi Pro

  • (technical support) full technical and reasonable scientific support with regular updates and upgrades to future IGOR versions
  • (individual support) instant messaging or scheduled meetings with us if you would like to discuss a problem or scientific question
  • (resampling strategy) bootstrap application on PMF input for the assessment of the statistical error and subsequent analysis using the dynamic criteria-based feature
  • (criteria-based feature) Inspection and selection of PMF runs based on user-defined proxies/tracers
  • (statistics on average) average over several PMF runs and visual inspection of the averaged solutions
  • (rolling technique) user-based PMF sub-window moves over the entire PMF input allowing for time-dependent factor profiles. Especially relevant for long-term SA studies, where factor profiles are supposed to vary over time
  • (relative error scaling) manual and automated application of the C-value, when combining data from two and more instruments and subsequent graphical support when exploring these solutions
  • (additional averaging) hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly average in SoFi for externals, PMF input and solution
  • (classes) variables and/or time points can be classified for further analysis, e.g., PMF with data from various stations at the same time or various size-fractions
  • (saving&loading utilities) saving and loading user-specific PMF input and constraints or user-defined criteria.
  • graphical support for the quantification of the PMF error, statistics on the a-values
  • …and much more, consult the SoFi manual for more details.

Are you new to the SoFi community?

SoFi runs under Igor and calls the ME-2 engine for the PMF calculations. Check out the requirements and our knowledge base for a successful installation.

Please contact us to receive the credentials for the download area and do not forget to subscribe to the mailing list to make sure you don’t miss any updates on SoFi, PMF and ME-2.


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