SoFi 9.5.0 and 8.6.0 available

We just released SoFi 9.5.0 and SoFi 8.6.0, they are now available from our website. While this new SoFi version includes also some minor bug fixes, we added some major new features:

  • You can now more easily constrain to zero with the new option “zero (0)”.
  • If you are using HR data, you might be happy to hear that with the newest SoFi version you can create your own families, based on the chemical formula or single elements. Furthermore, we added more HR-specific plots to SoFi, such as mass defect, van Krevelen and carbon number distribution plots. Depending on the plot, color-coding based on families, H:C, O:C or number of oxygen atoms is possible. We also updated the overview plot so that you can color-code here also by families. For more details, check out our manual.
  • Combined PMF for SoFi RT is now available and it is multi-time safe.

Check out the full SoFi history for all new features and bug fixes.