ME-2 solver

Datalystica is the sole official seller and distributer of the multi-linear engine (ME-2), which was developped, written and compiled by Pentti Paatero. The ME-2 solver is the solver which performs the PMF calculation and is therefore required for running SoFi (SoFi Pro, SoFi RT).

The ME-2 solver can be used independently, but we strongly recommend the purchase of SoFi Pro with it. SoFi Pro offers a myriad of features that will make your life much easier. Not sure yet? Check out our list of advantages and possibilites SoFi has to offer: Why SoFi is the best source apportionment software. SoFi is not limited to any specific dataset, it can be used universally for any kind of multivariate data.

Prices are given in Swiss Franc (CHF) and are without VAT/sales tax. VAT/sales tax may be added to your purchase total as required by your state and local laws. The price subject to change without prior notice.

Price for the ME-2 solver
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