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Find here some general information on how to get started with SoFi and what are the requirements. Also don’t forget to check out our constantly growing knowledge base with many supporting articles around SoFi.

Requirements for SoFi

IGOR. SoFi runs in the software environment IGOR, hence you need to have a valid IGOR license. IGOR licenses can be purchased directly from WaveMetrics Inc.

ME-2 engine. Currently, the positive matrix factorization algorithm (PMF) is done via the ME-2 solver. Windows is required, if you have a different system use a windows emulator.

SoFi Pro/RT. Use SoFi Pro or SoFi RT to have access to all functionalities and features for the best data analysis possilbe. Also check out why to choose SoFi over other applications.

ME-2 solver

The ME-2 solver is needed for the PMF calculations, therefore a ME-2 license key is required. While the solver is property of Dr. Pentti Paatero, , we are the sole official distributor. The ME-2 solver can be downloaded from our website. Note that the solver runs under windows, so if other systems are installed, a windows emulator is needed.

Igor 6 vs Igor 8 vs Igor 9

Currently, we offer two SoFi versions: SoFi 8 for Igor 8 and SoFi 9 for Igor 9. Please note that all new features are only going to be available in SoFi 8 and/or Igor 9. Please note that from September 2021 on, SoFi 6 is not supported anymore. We kindly ask new SoFi users to use SoFi 9.

Features that are only available in SoFi 8/9 (September2022):

  • Facilitated data import. Import your your data easily. All common data types are supported and you can easily average your data within SoFi.
  • Extended criteria options. Use the option of 2D and 3D representation of your data to seleced your PMF runs.
  • Multilinear regression. Perform multilinear regressions.
  • AE33 data. Do you have AE33 data? You can now import, treat and correct your data directly from the raw files in SoFi.
  • Bootstrap panel. Bootstrap your data to assess the statistical uncertainty of your data.
  • Marquee panel. Have you ever looked at your result and wondered how other variables behave during a certain period? With the new marquee panel, high qualtiy graphs and statistics are only a few clicks away.
  • Cluster panel. Cluster your results. Will also be added to the criteria selection.

Features planned for Igor 9:

Hierarchical clustering. Hierarchical clustering of your results and externals.

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